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SkyLink Virtual Airlines

With us, you’ll never fly alone again

SkyLink is the largest Italian virtual airline operating on VATSIM and IVAO. Joining our team means having a team of flight instructors, ATC instructors, pilots and controllers, weekly events, tours around the world… what are you waiting for?

  • More than 450 available routes between IFR, VFR, TOUR and CARGO
  • A growing fleet of 35 aircraft
  • Conquer RANK alongside 50+ pilots
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What we do

SkyLink Virtual Airlines was born from the need to give an identity to a group of novice flight simulator enthusiasts. It is a virtual airline that aspires to become the largest Italian reality within all flight networks.

SkyLink Virtual Airlines offers a level of simulation very close to reality, which is guaranteed by the latest generation software such as vAMSYS and Pegasus. You will feel like you are flying for a royal company. Scheduled flights, training, tours and more.

  • Group Flights

  • Flight Academy

  • Training ATC



  • Career

Did you get this far? Good!

Did you get this far? Good!

Join the SkyLink Academy Flight School!

Take our courses to learn to fly VFR and IFR

Join the SkyLink Academy Flight School!

Take our courses to learn to fly VFR and IFR

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Scuola di Volo


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Multi-Crew e Line Ops

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Are you in search of adventures?

Here you can find the next events organized by the Company and the main VATSIM and IVAO.

Book a slot in the ACARS and join other pilots from around the world.