July 8, 2021

Adriatic Weekly @ Belgrade (LYBE)

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Welcome to Adriatic Weekly where we staff different airports every Tuesday between 18-21z, where this week’s featured airport is Belgrade (LYBE) plus bonus airport.

VATSIM Adria presents:

ADRIATIC Weekly – our regional weekly event – TUESDAYS 18-21z This Tuesday @ LYBE + bonus airport (subject to availability), incl. ADR CTR top-down: LJLA | LDZO | LQSB | LYBA | LWSS | LAAA FIRs

Bonus airport: Available @ vRoute ATC bookings & VATSIM Adria FB Tuesday 15z as well event updates & information about ATC training Inspiration: Fly local or visit us from Zurich (LSZH) or Berlin (EDDB)

vatadria.net is available with News | Charts | Sceneries + ADR_CTR LJLA | LDZO | LQSB | LYBA | LWSS | LAAA & KOSOVO FIR info/briefing

Welcome to ADRIATIC Weekly – Southeastern Europe/Adriatic united

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